Side effect of working in Moolya

We do a lot of work with mind maps. Our test strategy, test ideas, session based test management, exploratory testing and what not. Working with mind maps is so cool. Our testers seem to take it outside of just work. Mohan Raj has been working with us for close to half a dozen months and relocated to Bangalore from Pondicherry. When he relocated here, he found his relative running a hotel in Bangalore and probably observed how difficult the menu was to read and quickly locate what people want to.

He did this amazing thing. See it to believe it.

Side effect working with moolya

Mohan Raj had not told any of us in Moolya about this. When Dhanasekar happened to visit the hotel, he was surprised to see the mindmap menu. He took a snap of it and discovered Mohan Raj helped the hotel with the mind map menu. DS shared it with me and I thought it is wonderful to let the world know the side effect of working in Moolya. Cool work Mohan Raj.

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