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Android app Out of Memory Crash Bug Investigation Report

One of our customer’s  mobile app had a major issue related to memory. “Out of memory error” (OOME) which eventually resulted in app crash, and there were many complaints from customers. Of course, there were crash logs and we did find that [...]

A surprise interview of DS, Commander – Mobile Testing

10:10 PM, Jakarta DS and I were sitting in Starbucks, Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta and were busy brushing our hands over our laptop keyboards typing one or the other useless things (which anybody does, sitting in an airport waiting for the [...]

The Press Release of Moolya that PRWeb turned down

Moolya – An Indian software testing company plans to setup a branch in Mars Bangalore, 21 Feb, 2014 If it’s true that there is intelligent life outside Earth and there could be life in Mars, Moolya Software Testing headquartered in [...]

CAST 2013 : My talk report

Everybody who blogs about their conference experience, does a wide coverage. They cover what happened in the keynotes and what happened in the bar. I do have those experiences too but I would like to write about my talk report [...]

Journey to and through Let’s Test 2013

Journey to and through Let’s Test 2013 Markus Gaertner and I sat in Let’s Test Lab and discussed about children and how we are attempting to achieve a work life balance. You may ask, ‘Discuss personal lives at a testing [...]

Moolya Academy – Purpose, Goals and Moolya ways

Where are the Kung Fu Warriors? How do we find great testers after we have hired most of whom we know? Where are those great testers whom we don’t know yet? Can we really find them? Will they just show up? [...]

(Two) Too cool years of Moolya

Moolya’s success so far On December 13, 2010, Moolya was incorporated. We had a garage setup from bootstrapping. When we started Moolya there were no such customers standing in queue to give us work but our capital was not money but [...]

Thanks so much – for interviewing with us

About 5 years ago, I went through some painful situations in the name of interviews. On top of the painful situation is – people who called me for a face to face interview didn’t bother to appreciate the time I took [...]

Side effect of working in Moolya

We do a lot of work with mind maps. Our test strategy, test ideas, session based test management, exploratory testing and what not. Working with mind maps is so cool. Our testers seem to take it outside of just work. Mohan [...]