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What does it mean to work with Rob Sabourin?

Moolya has had the pleasure of hosting Rob Sabourin for 2 weeks in its office in mid 2014. The energy in Moolya in those two weeks shot notches above the usual.  Wait a minute! You don't know Rob Sabourin? He is [...]

An uber-stay interview of a Moolyan

      A turn of events Last week I had been to a client location. I met with the founder of the company and he had nice words about Moolya Testing. I also happened to meet our awesome Moolyans working over [...]

What happens if testers don't question?

I walk up to a team of a newbie testers who thought they had been trained in testing. I point at an app in a phone, ask them to test and get me a report. They spent a couple of days [...]

Who does software testing belong to in 2017 ?

  Source: Wikimedia       Some people think software testing is a sub activity of the software development. Some think software testing is not exclusive to software development but to be made available to the entire business. Some [...]

The epic fail of the software testing industry

I have been answering questions that testers ask on forums for 10 years now. That is a decade of answering thousands of questions asked on forums. I am not exaggerating the number of questions I have answered. They are in thousands. I [...]

The two phases of a tester's life

Phase 1: Learning to think, see, hear and speak.  During the initial years, testers are all ears. Anything is new and hence they learn a lot of things without knowing the learning is happening at great speeds. They are learning to think, [...]

The rise of SDET and related problems in Software Testing

What's happening? My LinkedIn feed over the last year is loaded with people wanting to hire SDET profiles. SDET expands to Software Development Engineering in Test. That is a fancy word adopted for what was previously known as Test Automation Engineer. Just [...]

New Skill For Testers – Think Simple

Everybody began their career in testing by thinking simple. Over the years of training to be a fantastic tester, the number of thoughts that come to our mind when we interact with software is mind boggling. For instance, we question, think critically, [...]

Stop telling people how to do their work

Here's another great LinkedIn article from our CEO, giving you a peak into what's behind all that great testing! People knowing their job and well, doing it!   I stopped it. Successfully. It took me 33 years and 9 months. [...]