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A day in the life of a tester

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Two inspiring stories from Moolyans

In 2007, I was hired to coach about 150 college graduates newly recruited into a very large IT services company. On the first day, I asked them what are they passionate about that they wanted to make a career out of [...]

Megha Melgiri 1 year completion interview @ Moolya

The test of a company is based on how good their people become over years of working with it. We are encouraged to see people making great progress and here, I have a great pleasure to introduce to you Megha Melgiri [...]

Mampi Das 1 year completion interview @ Moolya

A pic from our garage and the girl in Yellow top is Mampi 🙂 There are non peak times in projects and we all testers love it. However, here is Mampi Das, our workforce and office admin who has a [...]

An interview with Manju Maheswar : 1 year @ Moolya

About September 2011, we were 6 testers. We decided to hire fresh college graduates full time. Prior to that we had hired Riyaj Shaik, a highly promising guy, fresh out of college but only for three months, in contract. It was [...]

An interview with Yagnesh Shah : 1 year @ Moolya

The same day we interviewed Manju, we also interviewed Yagnesh. Dhanasekar (a.k.a DS) came to me and said, “We should hire this guy, he is cool”. So, I decided to speak to him. He didn’t seem to be nervous at all.  If [...]

An interview with Parimala Hariprasad : 1 year @ Moolya

Nobody recognizes the value of freedom as much as Indian women of the previous generations do, where they were restricted from focusing on technical career. Not all of the women who get freedom in this generation (just like how men [...]

An interview with Sunil Kumar : 1 year @ Moolya

It is my pleasure to post this. For a company as young as Moolya, it is important we have people working with us enjoying the journey and all of a sudden when we look back, we find, 1 year has [...]