The joy of testing the application of machine learning in digital competency management

Cogknit Semantics is a Target Accelerator Incubatee


Cogknit’s flag ship Corporate Learning Solution – iCOG is leveraging Machine Intelligence to learn from user’s learning instincts and enable a personalized learning solution.


Cogknit is unlike most customers who go look for testing help. They said “If you are experts – tell us what to do – better – do it”. This helped us bring to bring in a context driven approach to their testing challenges that has helped them succeed through pivots.


For 5 years – Cogknit has chosen only Moolya as their testing partner. They don’t ever plan to build a testing team of their own. It is a choice they made unlike others. We have been through all their pivots. Lovely journey.

Bring fun to your testing

“At Rabobank Indonesia – we were on a mission critical project that is accompanied by pressure. Moolya made it light and delivered great testing”
– Adi Setiadi Hermawan – Test Project Manager – Rabobank