Moolya helped PhonePe gain the confidence of the customers by providing them with a quality product.


SERVICE PROVIDED : Exploratory and Automation Testing

DATE : Sept 2018

About Phonepe

  • PhonePe is an Indian e-commerce payment system and digital wallet company headquartered in Bangalore, India. It is the first payment app built on Unified Payments Interface.
  • Founded in August 2016, the company has grown enormously and with the increasing user base, it needed a complex tool for resolving the customers’ queries.
  • PhonePe approached Moolya for getting complex tools, integration of tools for offline and online merchants both and a better web app for improved user experience.


PhonePe realized that it needed a better version of a merchant service tool that needs to be integrated through Web, Android, and iOS and which needed to be tested religiously before every release cycle.

PhonePe needed to align the testing cycle & add necessary testing efforts to the development life cycle. This would increase in better-scheduled release cycles for better coverage and also align with the business targets.

New tools and technologies being introduced in Phonepe every few weeks make it hard to run checklists for compatibility which reduces the overall time available for testing. We needed to be quick and efficient with our testing.

What we did

We brought in tools that were part of the development lifecycle with metrics that can help us during a stage before a test release. Code reviews, Integration tests were given priority to improve release candidates to be stable.

Introduced planning of testing based on the roadmap items that could potentially skip a piece or two in the payment solution. Testing included Code reviews, libraries checks, API validations, device compatibility as part of the developer checklists.

Moolya started connecting the test ideas with business metrics to have timely and relevant tests and also, aligned the testing based on the release deadline with potential risks that could impact the business & user experience.

Helped improvisation of the CS console and the merchant services tools and got them implemented for all platforms.

moolya-phonepe stable release
Stable release

Integration tests were given priority to improve release candidates.

moolya-phonepe timely release
Timely and Relevant tests

To reduce the potential risks that could impact the business and user experience.

moolya-phonepe planned release
Planned Testing roadmaps

Better product release.


We built a better testing process in the team which helped the Testing team align to business and development goals started showing results that increased the confidence of releases.

Different tools were introduced to the team which made the life of the developers easy.

Launch goals were proactively discussed and metrics friendly data were introduced to get the accurate output which let to improved user experience.

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