How OnSiteGo identified critical issues early in the release cycle and got to smoother releases with Moolya Power


SERVICE PROVIDED : Functional, API & Usability Testing on both Web & Mobile Application

DATE : July 2019

About OnsiteGo

  • OnsiteGo is an Indian company that sells protection and extended warranty plan for small and medium-size electronic gadgets. They also sell AMC plans for Water Purifiers and ACs.
  • They have Mobile, Web, and CRM applications to support their business flows. These applications help them to sell the plan, create service requests, ticket assignment and also to manage the engineer visit activities.
  • As they were growing in their business they wanted to target the quality deliverable. Before Moolya’s involvement, they were releasing the application with the help of dev-test only.
  • They realized the need to involve expert hands in testing to solve the problems they were facing with current releases. Hence they planned to onboard a testing team to help them achieve smoother and quality releases.


When OnsiteGo approached us, the biggest challenge we had to face was the lack of proper documentation and process.

There were a few instances of incomplete requirements and a lack of proper documentation. Versioning of the application was also not well managed. Dynamic releases and Adhoc builds were also an added challenge.

There were no ALM tools and proper application walkthrough or formal KT sessions.

We realized a dedicated environment for testing the application was also missing initially.

Moreover, regression testing was time consuming due to complex flows.

What we did

We understood the business overview and technology stack of the system by engaging with Dev, using the environment and other artifacts by reading logs, using tools like Charles Proxy and profiling tools and by doing exploratory testing.

We participated in Product Owner meetings and gave valuable suggestions and demonstrated the testing importance by replicating live issues that Dev team were struggling to replicate.

We boarded suitable candidates without impacting project deliverables and explained the agile process and initiated the agile way of working.

We identified suitable ALM tools that worked well and helped with the setup. While working on the projects, we identified and worked on various levels like API, DB and 3rd party integration like Razorpay, WebEngage, Oracle CRM.

We identified suitable test tools based on the technology stack and recommended having a dedicated QA environment.

Testing Team identified the opportunity to automate regression flows at API level and drastically reduced the regression testing time consumed in every release.

moolya-onsitego smooth release
Smooth release

Developers and testers’ teams were made to work towards one single goal which helped in smooth release without any issues.

moolya-onsitego Regression timings
Reduced Regression timings

Introduction of automated regression flows at API level drastically reduced regression timings.

moolya-onsitego environment
Dedicated QA environment

Implemented practice of suitable test tools helped build a dedicated QA team.


The team started following agile methodology. Requirements are documented in Zoho spring and ALM tool for the agile process.

Critical requirements, issues, and gaps are identified early by having frequent discussions/meetings with the PO.

The critical design and implementation issues are also identified early as we started engaging in the design and implementation phase.

Testers and the Developers’ teams have started working towards one single goal, started dev+test peer development to identify early issues. We are now able to get a release smoothly without any issues.

We went through existing functionalities and suggested necessary changes, which was later considered by PO and implemented.

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