Myntra gets proactive testing before any product delivery and integration of advanced testing platforms with help from Moolya.


SERVICE PROVIDED : Exploratory and Automation Testing

DATE : Dec 2017

About myntra

  • Myntra is an Indian fashion e-commerce company headquartered in Bengaluru, India. The company was founded in 2007 to sell personalized gift items and soon expanded to a full-grown fashion e-com platform.
  • With increasing user base, Myntra needed to add more features to stand out in the marketplace
  • Myntra got faster releases with the implementation of automation scripts which helped them find more issues before a product launch.


Myntra’s e-com platform is a complex product, requiring thousands of tests to run daily.

Myntra needed to get the backlog tests covered so that the team members can focus on new features.

A lot of backlogs were piling up when Myntra had to test its product on all web and app platforms.

With Myntra’s multi-browser/resolution/OS ecosystem – maximum coverage is a must. They approached Moolya to have their product tested in an advanced and much faster platform - with improved coverage.

What we did

Moolya helped Myntra create backlog automation scripts which will be readily available during a regression suite and would help the team to work on new features.

The Moolya automation team at Myntra decided to implement AppAchhi for the integration of automation scripts. This gave them the flexibility to run multiple scripts in parallel and test apps across all its platforms.

Moolya established the practice of automation testing for Myntra’s new features and integrate CI to enable end-to-end automation.

moolya-myntra faster release
Faster releases

Implementation of test automation helped in faster releases.

moolya-myntra Cloud testing
Cloud testing

Helped test across different devices in real-time.

moolya-myntra device coverage
Maximum device coverage

Helped identify issues faster.


With help from Moolya, teams at Myntra achieved substantially better, more robust automated testing solutions.

There was a significant improvement in the overall number of regressions & UI bugs caught pre-release.

Any issues that needed a fix, were known beforehand due to the implementation of test automation in the process,which helped them fix the issues faster.

Most of the major issues related to configuration and data were fixed on time, hence helping Myntra release new features as per their scheduled time or sometimes earlier.

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