Flipkart gets a boon on sales of its big billion days by stable and non-critical system releases with help from Moolya.

CLIENT NAME : Flipkart

SERVICE PROVIDED : Exploratory and Automation Testing

DATE : Jan 2014

About Flipkart

  • Flipkart is India’s leading e-commerce marketplace offering over 30 million products across 70+ categories.
  • As it grew, Flipkart was worried about the user experience taking a hit with bugs in releases and delays in deployment - especially during the heavy traffic sales phases.
  • Moolya brought in a culture of daily stand-ups, scheduled deployments, effective and better communication among peers and stakeholders to get Flipkart to stable releases.


Flipkart is a leading e-com player in India with its content consumed by millions of users using an array of desktop browsers, mobile devices, and operating systems.

With that user base, providing a seamless user experience across multiple devices would be reason enough to prioritize and implement test automation besides the functional testing efforts.

Flipkart recognized the need for stable automation and continuous testing in their continuous integration and delivery pipeline. But getting to this stage was a twofold challenge.

Despite setting up a good product management practice, the team at Flipkart struggled to make things smooth as there was no documentation of the process or tools used by them.

Lack of communication among different teams led to a delay in scheduled releases.

Flipkart approached Moolya to ensure the issues are fixed on time and the deployments happen as per scheduled timings.

They faced challenges with test coverage and regression cycles which were very stringent. To add on, they had to wait for multiple stakeholders to check on the issues, which significantly delayed the release cycles.

What we did

Moolya made a practice for seamless handover and scheduled releases of new features. The habit of discussing issues among different teams was also implemented.

Introduced sessions to have discussions, regular meetings, and tools to bring awareness of the releases.

In addition to that, the team then was able to add additional scenarios that were not possible before, thus increasing test coverage even further. Moolya also optimized API testing to ensure functional coverage and planned timely releases.

With monitoring and optimising the sprint plans and aligning the testing scope, Moolya started sharing regular updates on tools and changes in tasks and new features, for product delivery.

moolya-flipkart Experience
Better User Experience

With stable and non-critical system releases.

moolya-flipkart stand ups
Daily stand ups

for better product releases.

moolya-flipkart Bug tracker
Bug tracker

Made life easier for the developers.


With the improved process and functionalities, across the teams, Moolya helped Flipkart get better user experience and business for multiple consecutive Big Billion Day sales, which was a great success for the team.

Moolya helped build a better work culture among the internal teams, which also got them to eventually improve the overall number of regressions & UI bugs caught pre-release.now helps to get better user experiences.

Data was religiously documented and the process is followed properly, helping developers, testers and product managers to focus more on user experience and business value.

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