With a company culture stressing the importance of staying fit, Cure.fit got its apps fit as well with Moolya’s help on achieving timely release and improved quality.


SERVICE PROVIDED : Exploratory Testing

DATE : June 2018

About Curefit

  • Cure.fit helps its customers be healthy and fit by providing all aspects of a healthy lifestyle in a single platform.
  • ACure.fit realized that it needed a few improvements in the application screenflow to create a better user experience.
  • Moolya gave a boost to the cure.fit application by supporting the testing of new features and bringing the focus on important information that needed the business team’s attention.


To find and fix issues well before release days, Cure.fit needed foresight into quality throughout their release cycles.

Although Cure.fit has a great track record of delivering some great apps, both the development and testing teams were facing difficulties coordinating with conflicting results on key metrics post releases.

Being tech-savvy, both the development and testing teams were using different tools for reporting, monitoring, and testing. This made it difficult for the team to track the source of what needs to be optimized in terms of the process, releases, and testing.

Cure.fit needed to bring in the necessary tools, processes & streamlining regression in place for efficient product release.

What we did

Moolya helped enhance the efficiency of bringing transparency in their existing agile methodologies within the team to get testing done and get the issues fixed at the root level.

From defining Test ideas to sprint efficiency, regression to pieces of automation - Moolya completely owned and implemented the solutions that were required for a better product and user experience.

Automation testing tools were implemented along with functional testing for a better understanding of the issues at a product level.

Regression script on In-house tools helped the in-house project development team to reduce regression bugs.

The reporting was made a practice, each report was shared with the relevant stakeholders to be in sync with the Test Execution Status.

Moolya team regularly syncs with the Product Manager to understand more about new features. That led to the practice of new feature designs that were discussed for potential flaws and were identified before development could start their implementation.

moolya-curefit faster release

bringing transparency in existing agile methodologies.

moolya-curefit Cloud testing
Reduce Regression Bugs

Implementation of regression scripts helped the in-house product development.

moolya-curefit device coverage

improved product and user experience


With CI, dev, and QA in sync - the process got a lot organized, and Cure.fit was able to significantly reduce build times

Regression was much faster with metrics that were on-boarded for stakeholders with decision making.

With more teams automating their tests, the test suites are also expanding rapidly. And with the robust systems now in place, Cure.fit knows they can continue to scale with their customers.

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