Based on the market need (yes, its a people need) most of the application, be it e-commerce, healthcare, banking, games, etc has moved to mobile handset. Yes, we know its a business strategy that people love to have the application on hands. People relay on their smartphones for their day today activities and want to use the application when ever and where ever they want.  Hence there are “X” number of applications developed under different platforms and are available in the market. Now, to make it work smoother and faster (to make it usable by the end users) we need to come up with a strategy that could cover the basic tests before it gets delivered to the end users.

Here we go with the mobile app test model. I could say this as an upgraded version of COP FLUNG GUN.
I know that “there are no best practices. But we could make it to the best by practice”  🙂

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