The Press Release of Moolya that PRWeb turned down

Moolya – An Indian software testing company plans to set up a branch

in Mars

Bangalore, 21 Feb 2014

If it’s true that there is intelligent life outside Earth and there could be life in Mars, Moolya Software Testing headquartered in Bangalore plans to set up a branch in Mars to offer services that intelligent species will need.

Moolya Software Testing Private Limited and its awesome people have been solving business problems through testing for Banks, Media companies, Retail chains, E-commerce players, Learning solutions providers and Mobile App Ecosystem.

Moolya focuses on delivering business value through innovation, context-driven approach, and exploratory testing with check automation. Of course, it could have done what every other services company today are doing – to sell crap in the name of ROI (Return of Investment) but it chose not to.

When asked about the need to set up a branch office in Mars, CEO of Moolya, Pradeep Soundararajan explained “We solve business problems through testing for our existing customers. There are plenty of potential customers on Earth for Moolya. However, many have been corrupted by other services companies who have made them ask for everything but value. For instance, many customers on Earth ask for test cases and automation when they really want the information to make powerful decisions for growth. Mars gives us a clean slate to start so we don’t struggle to help our customers understand the value we deliver. Also, our hope is – if they are intelligent species – they wouldn’t pick any other services companies selling snake oil”

Adding to this the other co-founder and Managing Director, Mohan Panguluri said, “We have grown from a 2 member garage start-up to deliver business value to about 35+ customers we have served across the globe for various contexts. Our customers have improved their top-line and bottom-line and this is possible because we focus on their customers and users. Simple things we do like social media-driven approach to testing and business context-driven approach to testing helps us inform decision-makers with the information they need to make growth decisions”

Moolya also recognizes the skill set needed to deliver value and that is why it has its own baby shark training centre preparing them for rough seas. At Moolya testers are trained for skills that other companies don’t bother them to train on. For instance, mandatory reading in Moolya for people joining fresh out of college is books like “Jonathan Livingston Seagull – Richard Bach” and “The Professional – Subroto Bagchi”. Quoting Parimala Hariprasad, Head of Academy and Start-up Test Lab, “We coach people on thinking and learning skills. We don’t coach them on how to write test cases but instead, we teach our people how to identify and help people solve business problems. They do it and we grow”

Moolya recognizes that there are start-ups and some agile organizations that recognize the value and also want their testing partner to provide the information that helps in making decisions that make their companies grow. On Earth so far, Moolya has helped large media companies improve their app store rating, large retail chains sell more goods online by improving the conversion funnel, help start-ups launch their products and be successful right from the start and support them for demos and to a point where their investors are wowed by their product and so are their users.

Moolya hopes to be discovered by intelligent species, be it on Earth, Mars or other places in the Milky Way. Moolya is confident that if they are discovered by intelligent species there will be no need to do selling because what Moolya does is what the intelligent species need.

_ End of Press Release_

PR Web said “Your press release references content or a resource that seems to be fictional or nonsensical. Such content is not appropriate for distribution through a press release; PRWeb cannot distribute content of this nature.”

Our response: “Going to Mars is no longer fictional and your comment on this being nonsensical is truly an act of missing the message”

Remembering – “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” – Steve Jobs