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Startup Test Lab

Early stage startups who succeed have done something most have not. They partnered with us from bootstrapping to Series H.

Why do winners always pick us at seed stage?


Folks from Moolya had a clearer view of the test process and test techniques - that instilled a lot of confidence for us to trust with the quality of our product and timely deliveries.

- Mekin Maheshwari


How have we impacted?

Flipkart gets a boon on sales of its big billion days by stable and non-critical system releases with help from Moolya.


Moolya's value-driven approach and their deep understanding of testing have helped us hit the required deadlines on time and in quality

- Kunal Chourasia


How have we impacted?

With a company culture stressing the importance of staying fit, got its apps fit as well with Moolya’s help on achieving timely release and improved quality.


We were looking for a partner in testing who we could trust and could also be agile and move fast with our internal teams. Moolya fit into that bill, and we are quite happy with the progress we are seeing in terms of quality while controlling costs.

- Rahul Chari


How have we impacted?

Moolya supported PhonePe to rapidly iterate new features that increase user adoption.


We couldn't have released at the quality we did without Moolya to assist us.

- Arun Krishnan


How have we impacted?

Myntra gets proactive testing before any product delivery and integration of advanced testing platforms with help from Moolya.

Testing is our life. Not yours.

We are as focused on testing as you are on your core business. Most testers early stage startups hire, end up having less influence on product and business. This hurts the growth. we influence quality to be everyone’s responsibility in your org. You need this.

CTO Time

CTO Time is of high value in an early stage startups. Some CTO's love going deep into everything and this comes at opportunity cost. The startups we have worked with had CTO's who knew Testing is important and partnered with us to bring high value testing from start.

PO Time

PO's have loved working with us. We ask questions that matter. Early on. Fundamental questions. Not about buttons not working. The purpose of the feature and how does it really address the pain point.

This is perhaps the reason why they love us.

Hiring Time

Cost and time to hire a talent and retaining them is the hardest job in a startup. Having taken away this pain point for many startups they have grown fast and we have put our skin in their game.

Training Time

No funded startup has ever built a training for Testers and QA. They don't have that time plus the focus. Yet, this is important. The talent has to grow with you. Not just keep doing work. Most people associate learning as growth.

We have provided the right kind of training and growth to help different kinds of startup succeed.


Out of top 10 startups in India trust Moolya with their testing

100+ Million

Users of startups that we partner with and support their product

$10+ Billion

Raised by our customers after testing their products with us


of the top VC firms in the country bets on the startups we work with

We test for these VC's investment

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