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Testing stories

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A valentine’s day letter from testers to programmers

Dear Programmers, Greetings! Hope you folks are doing great. We testers wish you for the season and for a great valentine’s day.  Somehow, we are made to look like enemies of each other although we are working towards the same goal. [...]

Twitter driven exploratory software testing

I don’t think I was the only one who invented this but I have become personally good at building this as a skill and an approach to test software and I am also starting to teach people how to do it. [...]

The last big thing in software testing has emerged

We are happy to share with you our new product that is a single solution to all testing problems. We know this is unbelievable but we can’t help. Without further ado, here is our research output of 20 years. Moolya’s Super [...]

How Rapid Software Testing lessons helped us to help our client

One of our clients is a multi-billion dollar organization who caters to millions of customers every month through their online systems and offline stuff. For one of their legacy system, we are helping them build a regression testing solution. It wasn’t [...]

Software testing services companies & their magic wand

Wanting to grow to an extent to compete with many testing services organizations, an activity that we undertook was to go through all our current and future competitor websites. We discovered that most people seem to be saying more or less [...]