It is interesting to note the power of free tools and add-on and the difference it can make to testing. Its been a while since we started to use the add-ons from Firefox and after Chrome started to gain significance, we started exploring the world of add-ons in Chrome for testers.

At Moolya, we would like to leverage the value these add-ons could offer to testers and hence to our customers.  We would love to tell our customers a whole bunch of information about their product that they would love to know.

Tested by Moolya

Firefox Add-ons Compiled and Used by Testers at Moolya

Tested by Moolya_2

Chrome add-ons Compiled and Used by Testers at Moolya

If you are a tester or a developer, you are free to download the above images and use it for your own testing purpose. If you aren’t a tester and looking at outsourcing your testing work take a look at the value you could get out of these tools.

We would constantly update these mindmap (and others) . So keep checking out for an update or write to us at info at moolya dot com