Yeah, it is time we announce that we have a new CEO, our first official one. I was playing multiple roles over the last year and three months from being a janitor (when needed) to tester to recruiter to consultant to finance to MD to CEO. Although I might done reasonably well, Moolya needed a specialist CEO. It wasn’t actually hard to find the specialist.

Introducing to you, Mohan SK Panguluri (a.k.a PSK ) , our CEO and the third co-founder. We were tight lipped all this while and it was kind of hard. Mohan and I have been working together since 2007 and he has been extremely impressive at work and the way he has picked up golf. In his previous stint, he co-founded Edista Testing Institute, serving as its COO and facilitated the growth to a million dollar organization. He has a bachelor degree in from BITS, Pilani and Masters in Business Administration from ICFAI. Prior to ETI, he was with Tata Consultancy Services in the United Kingdom heading a specific sector of business, Zee Telefilms and Planetasia. Prior to that he has played several roles of being a web designer to brand manager and things that today is helping him be a cool CEO.

Mohan has a wonderful family. He is married and has two wonderful daughters who keep his wife dancing to their tunes. That said his wife, Harini is a dancer by profession. Mohan’s parents live with him and in the same house, making it a dream family of today’s India.

The big question is, how is he the third co-founder of Moolya?

The decision to start Moolya was done by me and Santhosh in consultation with Mohan. The name Moolya was decided on August 26, 2010, sitting in Mohan’s home sifting through options and sipping whisky all through. He was consulting me on strategy and decisions ever since the birth of Moolya and has been a part of all Moolya events. He believes in Moolya so much that he decided to be in Moolya full time amidst 10 other options and investors waiting to invest on the ideas he had. So, that clearly indicates why he is a part of Moolya. Oh by the way, Test Republic was his brain child which is now India’s largest online community for testers.

Mohan has had a great influence on me and Santhosh. As a matter of fact, Mohan magically brought Santhosh to me and vice versa. So, we are here as the board of Directors with the leadership shared between us and most importantly playing roles that we most suit in.

Mohan plays golf (as every other popular cool CEO does /at least in movies/) and is slowly (rapidly) getting me infectious to it.

What does this change for Moolya?

I am a hardcore passionate tester who learnt how to deal with business. So, I am not as good at it as I would be in testing, consulting or coaching. Mohan is a hardcore passionate businessman. That means, he would be as good as I am in testing, in business. Ever since he came in, we have seen quick cool changes. I admit, I am amazed at how many things I didn’t do over the last year just by watching Mohan in action over the last couple of weeks.

He got a lot of things done and our employees have visibility into a lot of things. We were confused over policies for organizations and he sorted it out like breeze. Things are now moving fast, we have faster and structured mechanisms to handle the “business” part of testing.

Mohan shall help Moolya’s business grow huge, achieve scale, handle operations, co-own strategy with me, handle finance and oversee we reach business targets (and put the hot iron rod when required 😛 )

What does this mean to me (which indirectly means to Moolya)

Actually, this is what I personally think as a redefining moment for me and my career. To me, this means, I am back into testing. Hurrah! Dear Michael Bolton and Vipul Kocher, you were right – running a testing business would definitely keep one away from testing. Dhanasekar would know that I have cried many times over the last year and half that I am unable to test as much as I would love to.

Now, my role is to test and consult for projects that Moolya gets. My hands (err, brains) would be in every project. I will head the overall delivery for Moolya. I will work more closely with people I want to work and mentor testers. I will sit beside testers giving them a tough time or asking me to give a tough time in testing things whilst doing all that with good intention to help them do better. I shall also handle pre-sales work (so that we don’t make some claim that we can’t live up to) and consult / coach for Moolya’s clients.

I went for a vacation that I had not taken over the last 2 years, about a week ago. It was so beautiful. My personal thanks to Mohan, without him, it wouldn’t have been possible.

Mohan sometimes felt left out in the action happening at Moolya. So, he picks up a project we are testing, tests and send a test report to me whenever he finds time for it. Perfect. We have a CEO who tests. That must be Moolya. I shall mentor him to test well. That must be Pradeep 😛

Note that Moolya is young and highly energetic. We will rise big and good that we will make ourselves and you proud of what we have achieved in testing. That shall be the aim.

In the coming days

You will see plenty of action. Lot of innovation in testing. Crazy ideas being floated. Lot of interesting people coming into Moolya and customers loving our relationship.

All customers we started to work with an year back have given us repeat business. We are talking about at least a couple of multi billion, couple of multi million and a couple of startups. Now, there is an awesome pipeline, impressive track record and too good goals. Beat that!

The testing community support for Moolya has been the most impressive you will ever see that happened to any testing startup. We owe you folks a lot. We won’t disappoint you. More hot and cool announcements coming soon.

Please join me in officially welcoming Mohan (a.k.a PSK) to his own company, Moolya (and congratulate me to starting my second stint as a tester)

Moolya FTW!