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Saving costs doesn’t mean you are making progress. At Moolya, we want you to make great progress whilst saving costs.


Web application testing

We are wannabe pundits of testing web application and we are focused on developing our skills to be get there.. We have tested tons (about 80) of web applications and we love the challenge in it. Some of the web applications we have tested have visitors in the order of millions per month. We have tested web applications for

  • Functionality
  • Usability (standards, users, design)
  • Accessibility
  • Data accuracy and consistency
  • Security
  • Load & Performance
  • Automation

You could talk to our technical team to find out what is their latest discovery of a new approach or a plug in they plan to use to test web applications. if you have a need to get your web applications & product tested, you would enjoy working with them who would contribute so much to your business growth.

Moolya means "value"

Mobile Apps Testing

We were testers of mobile applications even before we started using it. We have been all through the market transitions. Be it from

  • Symbian OS to Apple iOS / WP 7 / Android
  • Green back lit display to multi color displays
  • Keypads to touch screens
  • Media player apps to Tap Tap Ants app

We have tested reference designs to pre-release beta testing of handsets, palm tops to smart phones.

Moolya means "value"

Cloud Testing

We take special pride to let you know that we were hired to test Cloud based net books, Cloud based Operating System and applications supported on the cloud. The client was happy enough to keep engaging us thereafter. We can bring the experience we have had to your product which you plan to launch on the cloud. Imagine working with testers who love to see you making great progress and we will convert that to reality.

Moolya means "value"

Gadgets / Gizmos Testing

Bring on your futuristic gadget. Ever since we tested a futuristic car Audio Video system where passengers could stream different music and tracks from the same player, we have fallen in love with the gadgets. We love gadgets to an extent that on a weekend, we hop into stores to check out what’s new. We would love to help you get out a product that beats your competitors.

Moolya means "value"

Multimedia Testing

We have enough experience testing multimedia products ranging from media players on desktop and mobile, audio video codecs to performing scientific analysis. We understand your language of jitters, cross talk attenuation, notch filter, noise, Signal to Noise ratio… and subjective analysis as per AES Inc Recommendations or any other standards you prefer. We train ourselves on listening and observation skills and can hear or see packet drops J
We would be glad to test your multimedia product and help you launch a great product that people would fall in love.

Moolya means "value"


Our Clients

Apart from the customers whose identity cannot be disclosed due to confidentiality clauses, we have worked with these companies and we love them.








How you could engage us?

Offshore testing
Onsite testing
User Acceptance (Rejectance) testing
Beta Testing
Exploratory Testing & Session Based Test Management
Test & Check Automation

Please mail your current testing challenges to or call us for an initial exploration.