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What happens if testers don’t question?

I walk up to a team of a newbie testers who thought they had been trained in testing. I point at an app in a phone, ask them to test and get me a report. They spent a couple of days testing and I get a report. They come to me to get my feedback [...]

A Tool To Automate Mind Map Creation

The true value of testing is realized only when most of the tester’s time goes into thinking, analyzing and testing the product. There is a lot of meticulous preparation that goes into understanding the context of a testing project even before one starts the actual testing. Even a simple to medium complexity product can generate [...]

Testers – What are we really?

It is believed most testers become one by accident or due to shortage of developer jobs. I was destined to become one. There exists a lot more to testing than what meets the eye. We chose to become testers with some initial training which prepared us for what was in store later. As a tester [...]

Test Investigation on Usability of an Android IME – Onscreen Keyboard App

The keypad plays a major role while using any smartphone. Most of us would have used it at-least for saving contacts or dialing numbers.It always feels good to be able to communicate with our near and dear ones using our native language. So the idea of using a keyboard which helps me type in the [...]

Who does software testing belong to in 2017 ?

  Source: Wikimedia       Some people think software testing is a sub activity of the software development. Some think software testing is not exclusive to software development but to be made available to the entire business. Some think it belongs to itself. These thoughts have caused divides in our community and [...]

Exceptions in Android Apps

Oh!!! App Crashed Many app users while using the app, would expect the app to work faster and smoother. Users might feel unhappy for reasons like app loads slow, links/buttons don’t work as intended, more battery consumption, using large mobile data, UI distortion and many more. If the user feels bad for any of these, [...]

Taking a customer from “Moolya Sucks” to “Moolya is our Testing Partner”

A true story. Every detail of it - testable and verifiable.   A customer enquiry for cloud - web and mobile app testing   About a few months ago, we received an enquiry to our in need for testing a mobile application and web server for a complex application. The customer was a product company [...]

Have you downloaded the Tiny Owl Business App instead of the commercial App? Here is how you can Uninstall it.

Have you tried to download the Tiny Owl App at a hungry hour and got the "The Tiny Owl Business App" instead? Its a common mistake that many users on Google Playstore are making. Once you download this app you cannot uninstall it easily as the company developed the business version of the app for [...]

MITC- A Splendid Avenue to Oratory by Himansha Tyagi

Being a tenderfoot in the field of testing and with the fear of facing techies, I submitted a paper for MITC (Moolya Internal Testing Conference) presentation and got selected too. The conference was on 30th of April. That day,I woke up reminiscing about my school days where I used to take part in competitions like [...]

My Training Experience in Moolya

It has been almost 3 months since I( Himansha Tyagi) joined Moolya as a trainee. I wish to share wonderful expedition of my training to the world on my experience with Moolya. Moolya completely manifests its demeanour from its name itself. Moolya which means value and here every employee exhibits the same in their conduct. [...]

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