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What does it mean to work with Rob Sabourin?

Moolya has had the pleasure of hosting Rob Sabourin for 2 weeks in its office in mid 2014. The energy in Moolya in those two weeks shot notches above the usual.  Wait a minute! You don't know Rob Sabourin? He is the author of Am I A Bug to begin with - and if you [...]

Understanding Deep Learning (Neural Networks) visually

Till now, you might have heard of Machine Learning algorithms like Deep Learning or Artificial Neural Network or Neural Networks. These all work on the same principle and similar algorithms. In This blog post – let us see visually how Deep Learning or Artificial Neural Network (Short form ANN) learns by itself from data. Let [...]

A million dollars isn’t cool – you know what’s cool?

  This week we have completed half the syllabus of Data Science, AI, and Machine Learning under Learn with Moolya initiative. I believe it's time that we look back a little.   A number of participants have asked me this question - How is Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence connected to each other?  Most of [...]

What are the similarities and differences in Software testing and Data Science?

The world is moving towards AI systems in the fastest way anyone can imagine - and at Moolya we are observing closely this radical shift. We have initiated a number of ways in which we would be ready for this shift and one of the ways to do so is with Learning with Moolya initiative. [...]

Why is it important for testers to learn AI?

We are thrilled by the number of participants joining our training on AI Basics for Testers. We have more than 2500 testers from the community, which includes Test Architects, Sr Managers, Data Scientists and CTO's participating in the training sessions. We had the first session on Saturday 13th May 2017, 8 sessions lined up every week (Saturday), [...]

Dear iOS developers, ready to face App Store?

When we talk about iOS devices, things are vastly different when compared to Android. From the Airdrop feature to App Store submission process, everything is highly secure and reliable for the users. All these constitute to a great user experience. But the story is not the same from a developers and testers end. Expectations of [...]

Woman’s day @Moolya

Moolya celebrated Women’s Day with fun activities organized for all the women testers in the house.

Moolya at ATA Global Testing Retreat 2017

Global Testing Retreat(GTR) is a global QA and Testing Professional Conference featuring not only real world experience and thought leadership in the QA and Testing industry but a chance to participate in various testing, agile and sports competitions. Last year Ramit Manohar Kaul, VP Testing, represented Moolya and won 2nd runner up award for Testing Leadership at #ATAGTR2016. This year we [...]

A Case Of User Field Testing

“An Italian design company best known for luxury clothing aimed at young adults, is internationally acclaimed for its jeans wear. Head quartered in Braganze, Italy, the brand has the presence in over 80 countries, with over 400 company-owned stores worldwide.” - website Moolya partnered with this international brand to test their first Customer Loyalty App [...]

Is Outsourcing Testing A Good Idea??

How many parents would grade their child lower than others? – A Few How many teachers would give an unbiased rating to their own students?  - Maybe Many How many strangers would be unbiased in grading two students, neither being taught by them? – ALL! Most, if not all of you will agree with the [...]

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