The myth with good & wannabe good testers in India about Moolya

Isn’t it awesome. Some (from the ones we know) good testers in India (good according to us) and some who are wannabe good testers (wannabe according to them) want to join Moolya. As a matter of fact Moolya is their dream company.

When we were actually feeling proud to have created a company which has testers dreaming to be a part of it, the same people who made us happy are kinda disappointing us with a myth they appear to have and thankfully communicated it to us. I personally got irked to hear the myth. The myth they have is — they are not yet ready to be a part of Moolya because they aren’t awesome yet.

These testers follow Moolya everywhere. They would read a blog post within minutes of publishing, follow our testers on Twitter and Facebook. All that is great folks, when you are doing all that, why don’t you come in and experience Moolya? Ah! No! You are not awesome yet? Hmm!


Dear folks,

The entry criteria is passion for testing, which you have. The entry criteria is, you are willing to work hard, acquire skills and also demonstrate what you have been doing all this while. The other easier entry criteria is, we know you and you know us. The most important is – you believe in Moolya.

I can tell you that finding people like you is hard and now that you are showing interest to join, it would work out well for both of us. The thought you have about “first be awesome and only then join Moolya” is a myth according to us. We are actually extremely happy that you are thinking that way, however, our future bets depends on people like you. If you are staying away from us, our bets are not going to work and slowly Moolya is going to lose this charm that it has today and it will end up becoming a company that you were happy you did not join. So, Moolya’s future is not only decided by people already working in it but people who are deciding to join it but not doing it. Ah, I mean, not everybody, but people who matter.

Moreover, you get more good by being with more good people. Having understood that is why we want to welcome you on board this journey. Fortunately, there are so many good things to learn and we haven’t learnt that all. We have a lot to learn and you could help us with your knowledge and skills and we could help you with ours and constantly keep growing it. We will continue to add good people like you and make the learning experience stronger.

Some projects we have demand for more good people and if we bring in anybody who doesn’t match to our thinking, we would end up losing the work. So, Moolya needs you as much as you need Moolya.  For exploratory testing, scale is a challenge. Moolya is a company who is going to be an answer to it but if you don’t jump in, the world is not going to.

Look at Dhanasekar, Sunil, Parimala for instance. They were interested to work with Moolya and make it their own and Moolya was also interested to make these people its own. You are free to write to these people and ask how is it to be in Moolya? If Pradeep had decided to first learn how to write good blog posts and only then wanted to start blogging, he wouldn’t have started blogging at all. Excellence is about refining and not about defining.

You may or may not be surprised to know that as of today Moolya has about 20+ testers. The time is now, dear fellas. I am awaiting your email about your notice period and a possible date you want to come over.

If you want to be awesome and only then be a part of Moolya, then you don’t know what awesome really means or you don’t know how to achieve that.

However, if “being awesome first” is not a reason but the truth is something else, learn to speak the truth. After all, you are testers who are supposed to be speaking truth and even paid for it.

The time is now!

A note to those who are not in the list of people we know but still want to join us: The time is now! Especially, the people whom we know and are good don’t seem to be making a decision and giving you the opportunity and time.

Looking forward to your test reports and profile at

About PradeepSoundararajan

Pradeep Soundararajan has written 46 post in this blog.

Pradeep Soundararajan, CEO, Moolya Pradeep loves testing and this love translates to the care he has for users, people writing code, product owners and business decision makers. That is the kind of testing and love people in Moolya have to help Moolya's customer experience value like never before.

  1. Dear Pradeep,

    Looks like the post has reached the right audience…isn’t it? Its not just about having the aforementioned myth…there may be some other factors as well (professional & personal).
    In all my knowledge I can confidently say that “Moolya” is the best place to be for all wannabes but at times things just don’t go the way we want. Hope to speak to you “in person” very soon.

    • Dear Rahul,

      It has reached one of the target audience, correct. However, if we were stupid enough to not understand personal commitments and why people can’t make it to Moolya, we don’t deserve good people. Take your time but ensure your current employer doesn’t read our blog :P

  2. Moolya was a dream company for me too, but after joining and working for almost 11 months I didn’t felt the same.
    But I learned one thing from Moolya (good for me). I joined Moolya to feel the difference, the ‘real’ myth people outside Moolya having, not only my conclusion, I was contacted by many testers asking the same question when I was in Moolya.
    There are no differences between the companies or the people we work with. The difference we hope to get from Moolya and the curiosity to join Moolya is that something we felt working in another company and agreeing on the things which is around us and adjusting to them even when you feel it’s not good.
    We have to try and change that in ourselves. Say it or express it when ever need if you don’t like a process happening around you and hope for something good to happen. No guarantee that changes will happen all of a sudden but if you are correct and confident in you, it will happen. It happened to me.
    That’s it. The truth I learned.

    • Thank you Sreenuraj for the busting the myth that many may have about Moolya. You have been saving us from people who don’t believe in themselves, hardwork, perseverance, long term vision and idea of how hard it is to build a company to live up to its claims.

  3. Hi Pradeep,

    Could you please tell how many people are working in Moolya.
    And also. could you tell me if Moolya has achieved any CMMI level company status.

    • We have grown to about 22 now and looking to expand and double that this year. Moolya will never achieve CMMI level status because we think it is not an achievement. Our true achievement is of being value to our clients. Multi billion and multi million dollar companies have outsourced their testing work to us and they didn’t bother to ask if we have CMM or ISO, however, they did bother to ask us about our skills and we did pilots before they gave us the big order.

      It is fantastic journey so far.

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