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Test Investigation on Usability of an Android IME – Onscreen Keyboard App

The keypad plays a major role while using any smartphone. Most of us would have used it at-least for saving contacts or dialing numbers.It always feels good to be able to communicate with our near and dear ones using our native language. So the idea of using a keyboard which helps me type in the [...]

Exceptions in Android Apps

Oh!!! App Crashed Many app users while using the app, would expect the app to work faster and smoother. Users might feel unhappy for reasons like app loads slow, links/buttons don’t work as intended, more battery consumption, using large mobile data, UI distortion and many more. If the user feels bad for any of these, [...]

MITC- A Splendid Avenue to Oratory by Himansha Tyagi

Being a tenderfoot in the field of testing and with the fear of facing techies, I submitted a paper for MITC (Moolya Internal Testing Conference) presentation and got selected too. The conference was on 30th of April. That day,I woke up reminiscing about my school days where I used to take part in competitions like [...]

My Training Experience in Moolya

It has been almost 3 months since I( Himansha Tyagi) joined Moolya as a trainee. I wish to share wonderful expedition of my training to the world on my experience with Moolya. Moolya completely manifests its demeanour from its name itself. Moolya which means value and here every employee exhibits the same in their conduct. [...]

Test Ideas for Call Log Screen

We have come up with the test ideas for the above call log screen. Please click on the image to expand it. Author- Bhavya Swaroop

Women’s Day Celebration

Holaa Peeps We celebrated Men's day at our office on March 8 th 2016 and it was so much fun. I wish to share my own experience on how the celebration was on the special day. Well, you might be laughing or be confused by this time after reading my first sentence because I have mentioned [...]

Google for Holi @Moolya

Holi a festival celebrated in Indian Sub-continent, also known as the festival of colors or the festival of sharing love. Well this is the result from Google when we searched for the word ‘Holi’. Now, how about a search for Holi @ Moolya on Google? Why not? The string will search for any similar result using the keywords and display [...]


Based on the market need (yes, its a people need) most of the application, be it e-commerce, healthcare, banking, games, etc has moved to mobile handset. Yes, we know its a business strategy that people love to have the application on hands. People relay on their smartphones for their day today activities and want to [...]

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