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Blended Automation – Part 1 :: App vs Tool Assessment

Automation is a widely discussed topic and choosing the right tool at the right time for the right application is a vast research topic for any company/team/individual. There are variety of applications in the market, be it Web apps, Mobile – native apps or websites, Flash application, API, Desktop app and so on. We need [...]

Moolya Startup Test Lab – A humble contribution to Startup Ecosystem

“A “startup” is a company that is confused about 1) what its product is, 2) who its customers are, and 3) how to make money. As soon as it figures out all 3 things, it ceases to be a startup and then becomes a real business. Except most times, that doesn’t happen.” ~ Dave McClure, 500 Startups ~ We [...]

Journey to and through Let’s Test 2013

Journey to and through Let’s Test 2013 Markus Gaertner and I sat in Let’s Test Lab and discussed about children and how we are attempting to achieve a work life balance. You may ask, ‘Discuss personal lives at a testing conference?’ Oh yeah, we did. It would not have happened on Skype or Gmail [...]

Moolya Academy – Purpose, Goals and Moolya ways

Where are the Kung Fu Warriors? How do we find great testers after we have hired most of whom we know? Where are those great testers whom we don’t know yet? Can we really find them? Will they just show up? Are they available? If we can’t find them, how can we create great testers [...]

Test Mobile applications with COP (who) FLUNG GUN

User scenarios and Functionality may be the major theme while testing any software. Software generally comes with detailed help file. Complex and unfamiliar workflows later become a standard. But the trend is changing in mobile world with minimal help file, and more intuitive ways of interacting with software with minimal learning curve. Mobile users [...]

How Rapid Software Testing lessons helped us to help our client

One of our clients is a multi-billion dollar organization who caters to millions of customers every month through their online systems and offline stuff. For one of their legacy system, we are helping them build a regression testing solution. It wasn’t just a legacy system but an inherited one. Only the code could be inherited [...]

Announcing the winners for Moolya T-shirt competition

Hello folks. We were as excited as you were about the Moolya T-Shirt competition and giveaways. Without needing to scratch much of our head, we have the list of winners for Moolya T-shirt. Ehtesham Afzal Syed Himanshu Dewan Vinod Ajoy Kumar Singha Jassi Ravisuriya Congratulations to all the winners. Winners, please get in touch with [...]

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