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A Tool To Automate Mind Map Creation

The true value of testing is realized only when most of the tester’s time goes into thinking, analyzing and testing the product. There is a lot of meticulous preparation that goes into understanding the context of a testing project even before one starts the actual testing. Even a simple to medium complexity product can generate [...]

Testers – What are we really?

It is believed most testers become one by accident or due to shortage of developer jobs. I was destined to become one. There exists a lot more to testing than what meets the eye. We chose to become testers with some initial training which prepared us for what was in store later. As a tester [...]

Have you downloaded the Tiny Owl Business App instead of the commercial App? Here is how you can Uninstall it.

Have you tried to download the Tiny Owl App at a hungry hour and got the "The Tiny Owl Business App" instead? Its a common mistake that many users on Google Playstore are making. Once you download this app you cannot uninstall it easily as the company developed the business version of the app for [...]

Internet of Things – The Trending Technology

  As IoT is taking on the world, Moolya embraces it! What if your car not only knew exactly where to go but to get there in the fastest time possible? If there are 2-3 routes to your destination, what if your car suggested a better route when compared to the one you are [...]

BYOD, opportunities and challenges

Bring-Your-Own-Device or BYOD is no longer an anticipated trend. It has arrived to live among us and predicted to only increase in usage. What are the challenges and opportunities in handling this force, which has permeated the mobile office lifestyle? The rise of BYOD was influenced chiefly by the growth of Enterprise Mobility and [...]

Moolya and Logicshore to work together to facilitate women safety

                                               At a time when safety and dignity of women in India is debated fiercely, Moolya and Logicshore align to give women what they really need: security. Moolya, the Bengaluru-based software testing solutions [...]

App-ratings, the stars you need to shine

   App-ratings, the stars you need to shine App ratings can mean a do or die thing for businesses. Getting some fundamental testing solutions right can be a way to up the mobile app rating and keep the usage going The phenomenon of mobile apps has drastically changed what companies thought about the service. [...]

Performance testing and the government

Moolya Performance Testing - An unturned stone then, a shining gem today! We have been offering software testing services for about 4 years to the world, providing services right from functionality, user experience, check automation and business to security testing, but there was still a stone left to turn upside down and that was performance [...]

Test Automation Dashboard – An open source tool

Background: Automating the Software testing of a large product comprising of many small features and sub products is a journey full of diverse challenges. Reporting has always been one such challenge for everyone. Here are some sample reports: a. TestNg Report b. XSLT Report Overview c. XSLT Report Detailed d. Maven Report TestNG, Ant, Maven reports would not [...]

Device Fragmentation in Windows Mobile! List of Windows supported mobiles

Everyone who thought the Device Fragmentation issue in Windows isn't a big deal. Think again!! Here's a list of Windows Supoorted Devices:   Windows Phone (7, 8 and 8.1) Supported Devices:         Windows Phone 7 Dell Venue Pro HTC 7 Pro HTC 7 Surround HTC 7 Trophy HTC 7 Mozart HTC [...]

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